Rotary Club of Kilifi

The Rotary Club of Kilifi is a small but very dynamic Rotary Club, dedicated to helping our local community and those further afield.  We have twenty-five members who are made up of various professionals who have a very broad range of experience, ranging from health delivery, scientific research, banking and various bussinesses, with a wide ethnic mix.  Over the years since we were Chartered in 1989 we have carried out many projects to help those less fortunate, including providing fresh water supplies to villages and schools, building toilets at many schools in the Kilifi and Ganze area, sponsoring children to go to Secondary school, improving the delivery of maternal and child health care, helping with disaster and famine relief and many small projects helping the people in Kilifi County.

Our current President Nickcy Mbuthia welcomes all who wish to visit us during our meeting or would wish to know more about Rotary International. 

She can be contacted on

This web site is currently undergoing renewal. For current information on The Rotary Club of Kilifi please visit our Facebook page.