Kilifi and Mnarani Primary School Refurbishment.


The All-in Grants Project is a special project open to all members in good standing with the Rotary Club of Kilifi. The project is funded by a grant from Carramore International; a UK-based company involved in product sourcing, supply, and logistics to medical and research institutions globally. The application for this project was open for the first phase, which run between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2018. An application was made, which included a budget. The project was presented in the Club for feedback, voted for, and submitted to the Club Board of Directors for final vetting and approval. This project was successful and was funded to commence in November 2018.

The aim of this report is to give a description of the project, describe how the project was implemented, and provide an outcome of the project to the community.

Project Description

The project sought to bring together the Rotary Club of Kilifi, the Rotaract Club of Pwani University, and the Rotaract Club of Kilifi (In-Formation). The project aimed at building partnerships among the Clubs by supporting Kilifi Primary School and Mnarani Primary School, respectively. The main goal of the project was to repair broken desks and paint blackboards in the two primary schools. Additionally, the project sought to engage the revived Rotaract Club of Pwani University and the Rotaract Club of Kilifi (In-Formation) in the community project involving the three Clubs. The project received additional funding from Mnarani Aid (a Rotary Club of Kilifi partner) highlighting its potential impact in Kilifi, Kenya. Fifty-nine broken desks were repaired in Kilifi Primary School and 40 blackboards painted in Kilifi Primary School and Mnarani Primary School, respectively. The desks ranged from dilapidated to desks requiring minimal repairs. The KES.20,000 received from the All-in Grant was used for the desk repairs. The 40 blackboards in both schools required painting and minor filling. A KES.28,000 Mnarani Aid funding facilitated the painting of the blackboards.

Project Implementation

The Young Generations Director engaged the Community Service Directors from the two Rotaract Clubs. Their roles were to identify members within their Clubs to visit eight primary schools within Kilifi and conduct a needs assessment to identify two deserving primary schools where the project would be conducted. The three-week process was successful with Kilifi Primary School and Mnarani Primary School identified as the primary schools of choice.

The project was conducted in three phases as described below.

  • Phase 1

The first phase of the project involved the painting of 20 blackboards and 3 special needs classrooms at Kilifi Primary School. This project took place on the 18 and 21 of November 2018. The event on 21 November 2018 coincided with the District Governor’s visit to the Rotary Club of Kilifi; he was accompanied by the Assistant Governor Coast. Fifteen Rotarians and 30 Rotaract members from both Clubs participated in the project. The theme for the event was white. The activities commenced in the afternoon to allow participants to leave their work places and school on time. Different individuals participated in the painting of the blackboards and walls. This was also an opportunity for the Rotaract Club members to learn skills in purchasing materials for the work. The Community Service Directors from the two Clubs were very instrumental in organizing the event.

  • Phase 2

The second phase of the project involved painting of 20 blackboards in Mnarani Primary School on 9 December 2018. Five Rotarians and 50 Rotaract members from both Clubs participated in the project, which was successfully completed.

  • Phase 3

This phase involved the repair of the desks between November 2018 and January 2019. The project engaged the services of the Kilifi Primary School carpenter to repair the desks in the school. Fifty-nine desks were successfully repaired in the three months of work.

Project Outcome

  • Benefit to both primary schools

Successful repair of broken desks and painting of blackboards and walls in the two primary schools. This was completed in January 2019 before pupils resumed classes for year 2019. The immediate impact can be estimated. For example, a single desk accommodates 5 pupils comfortably. That means 295 pupils are currently sitting on desks that would have otherwise been dilapidated in the stores. Secondly, the freshly-painted blackboards not only encourage the pupils in the new year but also boosts the morale of teachers as they started a new year; a better performance is expected from both pupils and teachers, which will translate to a better performance in the national examinations.

  • Benefit to the community

The participation of the three Clubs did not go unnoticed in Kilifi, Kenya. The local community is aware of the good work done by Rotary. This project helped to solidify the community’s knowledge of Rotary International activities. Additionally, economic empowerment of the local carpenters and stores was achieved through the carpentry services and purchase of painting supplies within the town, respectively.

  • Rotaract Clubs

The project was an opportunity to engage the recently-revived Rotaract Club of Pwani University and the yet-to-be-chartered Rotaract Club of Kilifi (In-Formation). As the first joint project between the two Clubs, overseen by Rotary Club, better collaborations and friendships were built which has enabled the two Clubs to engage in other joint community projects within Kilifi. Rotary Club of Kilifi has the support of both Rotaract Clubs, which will be beneficial for future community projects.


The success of this project depended on the commitment of the three Clubs. Future joint projects will be successful because of this collaboration. Plans are underway to brand the project using Rotary and Carramore logos. The Club was invited for a school assembly in Kilifi Primary School where the project will be officially unveiled and handed over to the school by the Club President on 1 March 2019.

Gratitude to Rotary International, Rotary Club of Kilifi, Rotaract Club of Pwani University, Rotaract Club of Kilifi (In-Formation) and partners Carramore International, Mnarani Aid, County Government of Kilifi, Kilifi Primary School and Mnarani Primary School for making this project a success.