Kilifi Prison Vocational Training Assistance

On hearing about the “All in One Grant” system, Rotarians Ian Graham and Jayne Ruguru having been impressed, on previous visits to the Kilifi District Prison, by the staffs’ attitude to the welfare and vocational training programme s of the Prison. They decided to ask the Welfare Officer Doricah Mwengi if there was any way they could help. She said that the offer had come just at the right time because the borehole pump they use for the Prison’s Fish Farm, Plant Nursery and Farm had just failed. This meant that the vocational work on these areas had had to stop and the produce was failing. So Ian and Ruguru decided with matching funds from Mnarani Aid to use the All in One Grants funds to supply a pump powerful enough to supply all the needs of the various projects. On learning that there was also a Literacy project at the Prison, it was decided to supply some much-needed Text Books.

Ksh30,000 was used for the pump and Ksh10,000 for the books. This was made up of Ksh20,000 from the All in One funds and Ksh 20,000 from Mnarani Aid.