The Club has a proud record of carrying out humanitarian projects to help the less well off in the coastal county of Kilifi in Kenya.  These have been in the areas of assisting with education for needy children, improving school infrastructure by the provision of toilets and clean water supplies and helping the local health authorities with delivering care to mothers and their young children.  We have also assisted in delivering food supplies during famines and clean water to villages following disastrous flooding.  These have been carried out under the banner of The Rotary Foundation using funds donated by other Rotary Clubs around the world, as well as funds from the Foundation itself.  We have also carried out smaller projects in the local community, ranging from assisting prisoners in the local prison, helping at orphanages, local primary schools and health centres.

We pride ourselves that we deliver projects that the local people themselves have prioritized and consider the most important and that we carry them out in a very cost effective and transparent manner.