The Club has a proud record of carrying out humanitarian projects to help the less well off in the coastal county of Kilifi in Kenya.   We have carried out small community-based projects as well as larger ones. We have also assisted with disaster relief, delivering food and

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delivering shelter and clothing for victims of flooding.

The smaller projects have included assistance to the local prison. helping the infrastructure in local primary schools, local Police service, tree planting and improving a local heath centre and library.  These were carried out with various partners including Mnarani Aid and the two Kilifi Rotaract Clubs.

The Club also raised funds to sponsor needy children to attend Secondary school.  This was carried out with our long-term partner Kesho Kenya.

The larger Global Grant projects were mainly concerned with building toilets and providing water supplies to local Primary schools in the Kilifi and Ganze areas. 

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We also joined with District 1080, UK to send a young Rotary Leader to study for a Masters in Conflict Resolution at the University of East Anglia, UK

We pride ourselves that we deliver projects that the local people themselves have prioritized and consider the most important and that we carry them out in a very cost effective and transparent manner.