Supported Student Report July 2019

July 2019

Greetings to our many friends who have joined in sponsoring students as well as the other education initiatives of the Rotary Club of Kilifi!

Mnarani Secondary Interact Club visited a local orphanage taking school supplies and spending the day tutoring and playing with the children

The Kenyan Government has mandated secondary school attendance, however the fees required are still beyond the reach of many poor families. A national school, which many aspire to, runs about $550 USD annually, plus many extra fees. Almost always, these are boarding schools and a child is selected on the basis of their exam performance and required to attend the school that extends the invitation, which may be quite far from their home. Mnarani Secondary serves children from approximately 15- mile radius around the school. The fees there are $150 annually (plus some additional expenses). It is a very good facility, with a brand-new computer lab

This has been a busy year as we have expanded in several ways to serve the needs of deserving students from the Kilifi area. In addition to providing support for ten secondary students in partnership with KESHO organization, we were blessed with funding specifically targeted for our Interact Club members. We have six students sponsored this year at a local day school, Mnarani Secondary where we started an Interact Club in 2017.

Rotaractor Faraji interviews a candidate for sponsorship at the student’s home near Kilifi. He was one of six awarded sponsorship at Mnarani

and a nice science lab. Since it is close by, our Rotary Club is able to regularly visit with the students, providing mentors and role models, and engaging the students in our community activities.

In just a few weeks, the club members will be participating in an essay contest supported by our club and our donors. Prizes will include much needed school supplies. We will also be sending the new club officers to the Interact Leadership Conference in November. We will also be enrolling them as KESHO beneficiaries so they can take advantage of the array of services for students and their families.

Warm up before the 5k

Our partnership with KESHO continues. They provide such valuable services to students and their families, as well as monitoring the progress of our students. The first term 2019 report on our ten sponsored students is included below. In June, we held our annual 5k Run/Walk for Education, raising about $2400 to support the students and other education initiatives.

In 2017, we began partnering with KESHO, as well as the Kilifi Library and Moving the Goalposts

(MTG) to support World Literacy Day. The tradition continues in 2018 as we seek to improve literacy levels and encourage reading for fun as well as for learning.

Thank you for your support of this important effort. We hope we can continue to count on your encouragement and your financial support.

Best Wishes,

Laura and Jennifer

Rtn. Laura Brooks, Education Chairperson Rtn. Jennifer Grimm


Anthony G.             Nanyuki High School

Form 2

Anthony describes his term as good. Academically, he scored a mean grade of B ranking position 27 out of 53 students in his class. His most memorable event was a walk to the nearest town to hold a fundraising for library construction. He is an active member of Young farmers club and also participated in Science congress to the county level emerging position five where he also got an opportunity to express himself in public and had good experience. He is the Guidance and counselling chairman as well a Catholic Action choirmaster. He is working both hard and smart to achieve even better grades by seeking revision books and make good use of them as well as engaging in group discussions.

Vivian S.             Bura Girls High School

Form 2

Vivian has been doing well at school though had some challenges where two of their beloved teachers passed away. Vivian coped with the situation and concentrated on her studies and managed to score a mean grade of B- ranking position 87 out of 194 performing extremely amazing in Computer studies A and Kiswahili A-. Her teacher remarks that she has the potential to do even better. In co- curricular activities, she joined the hockey team which made it to the national level. Vivian is working smart towards attaining a mean grade of B+ next term.

Samuel A.              Moi Forces Academy Nairobi

Form 2

Samuel describes his term as very good and he generally enjoyed it. In terms of academics, he performed extremely amazing with a mean grade of A- being position 18 out of 440 students performing extremely well in Kiswahili, History and Government, Geography, Christian Religious Education and Computer Studies. He participated in school game balls where he played for the school volleyball team up to county level and got a certificate of participation. He is willing to volunteer in a school library in his community as a way of giving back in the community during the holiday. He is looking forward to a term full of achievements and hard work while at school.

Bosco K.                   Shimo La Tewa School

Form 4

Bosco did well during the term managing to score a mean grade of C plus however improvement in mathematics is critical for him to excel further. In the rest of the subjects, much input is seen though still he stands even a much better chance of doing exemplary well in them. With close examination, he will be able to realize his full potential. From the class teacher report, Bosco score is good as well as the Principal who recommends an average grade for the lad.

Irrespective of few challenges that came along during the term, Bosco had a good term. This was articulated with him having represented the school in the hockey tournament. He also did participate in some contests of which he performed fairly well afterwards. He intends to have his holiday spend well by helping his friends in tackling mathematics problems.

Faida A.           Moi Kapsowar

Form 4

The term has been good for Faida. However, she didn’t perform very well having registered a C minus grade. From the class teacher remark, she`s encouraged to further re-organize for a better grade come next term. This is also seen from the Principal who says that she has the capability to doing much better. Much effort is needed in Mathematics and Chemistry subjects of which happened to register the minimum grades. Upon doing that she will be destined for good grades afterwards.

Further, most memorable event for her was the Christian Union where she got a chance to socialize with different students from different schools. She is also a member of St John’s Ambulance. She looks forward to spent most of her time working on her studies during the holiday and to fulfil that, she will be attending Kesho Resource Centre for her personal studies.

Helen K.              Alliance Girls

Form 1

The term has been tough for Helen; the change of environment and the cold was unbearable for her and furthermore some of her items were stolen by her fellow students. Despite all challenges, she was able to cope up and her performance was great! She scored a mean grade of A- which was an improvement from her previous test emerging position 176 out of 537 students. Her memorable event was Valentine’s Day where they were allowed to socialize with other

students for the whole day. Helen has taken up leadership positions in her school; she is the secretary of Christian Union. She’s also engaged in sports specifically in hockey. Her housemistress describes her as a trustworthy and responsible girl. She looks forward to having time with her family while at home during the holiday and also have time to focus on her studies.

Malkia D.                Nyabururu Girls

Form 1

Malkia describes her term as tough and very challenging. There was an outbreak of food poisoning in school and she was one of the casualties. This greatly affected her performance to the extent that she scored D plain. However, she`s encouraged to study extra hard in mathematics so as to perform come next term. Despite all that, she is working extra hard to improve on her grade to B plain. Malkia has the potential to perform in her studies for she is very positive and confident. She is very grateful for the support in her studies.

During the term she participated in volleyball games until regional level. She also took part in the music festival, something that she really enjoyed. As for the holiday, she will be attending the Resource Centre for her studies and also have time to discuss with other students.

Francis M.                St Patrick`s School Iten

Form 3

The student has continued to express great command in his studies. This has been articulated from the term report. He impressively scored a B plus and attained position 6 out of 257. He registered far well positive impression in all the subjects done with a good command in geography as it outshined the rest of the subjects. Moreover, from the class teacher remarks, the student is seen to have worked well and is encouraged to aim even much higher. Much potential lies in him as from the Principal of the school.

The student had expressed to have had a rather nice term despite having registered not the very expectation. He further went on to acknowledge the much assistance he earned from the teachers and he expressed his appreciation to them. He was however encouraged to even pull more effort for even much better performance in the proceeding term.

Sharon M.        Moi Forces Academy Lanet

Form 1

The student has worked well despite having registered an average grade. Sharon registered excellent results in Christian Religious Education, Agriculture and Kiswahili. As for the rest of the subjects, efforts were seen however, she is encouraged to even do better than that. From the report, he attained position 63 out of 357 having scored a B plain grade.

The term was generally okay however the change of environment proved challenging for the better part of the term. Irrespective of that, she was able cope up and looks forward to having a great time at school as form next term. As for the holiday, she will be spending time with the family helping them with the family chores as well as create time for her personal studies.

Gona B.        Dr. Krapf Memorial Secondary School

Form 3

Gona has done well and this is very encouraging. He has registered impressive grades in all the subjects with an exception of mathematics which she failed to outshine. He is encouraged to improve in mathematics come next term. Gona was able to score a mean grade of B minus and attained position 32 out of 200.

Generally, the term has been good as he has maintained a positive mentality about the school. Further, he is happy for having participated in various contests both inside and outside the school. Consequently, he participated in the hockey tournament and it was such a joyous moment having represented the school in co-curricular activities. He`s planning to spent most of the time during the holiday to work on his studies as he aims at improving to a B grade in the proceeding term.

Other activities

All your beneficiaries have gone back to school after the April holiday. While on holiday they attended trainings and workshops on public speaking training and career mentorship, all organized by Kesho. These trainings sharpened their public speaking skills and contributed to their self-confidence. They also visited the resource center and revised on subjects that they wanted to improve on.

Your sponsorship encourages each of them to set goals for their life and future contribution to their communities. Therefore, we cannot highly enough appreciate your financial support.