Galana River Floods

Early in 2018, Kenya suffered devastating floods. Some members of the Club had seen the effects whilst travelling back from the annual Rotary District Conference. After hearing that thousands of people from Kilifi County were affected a small group of Club members, Ian, Chapa, Ruguru and Jennifer met to see how we could help. We decided that the best plan was to contact the Kenyan Red Cross to see the way forward. We also contacted the UK organisation Shelter Box as they did not seem to know of the disaster. This contact was a fantastic success as they quickly sent a Team out to evaluate the situation and shortly afterwards supplied very many Shelter Kits for the refugees.

The Red Cross requested that we help to obtain clothing for those affected who by this time had been moved to higher ground after losing everything including their houses. We agreed to this and organised a Clothing Drive which was very successful. We were lucky enough to be taken to the area around Garishi to see the situation for our selves.

Later in the year, we returned to find things much improved with a good number of families moved out to high ground with shelters made by Shelter Box.

We had a long discussion with the local Chief and the villages’ committees. They requested that we concentrate our new efforts on providing water to the local area. At this point, the Team was joined by Moses Abwao who nad connections with personnel from Islamic Relief who were active in the area.

Islamic Relief already had a plan ready to go just awaiting finance, to pipe water 1/2 kilometre to a village from their boreholes. So it was agreed that Kilifi would finance this plan with Islamic Relief carrying out the work.

This has been successfully completed.

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